Split w/ You're Right?

by Schroeder / You're Right?

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Split album with our best friends in You're Right?


released December 7, 2013

This album was recorded and mixed by Sean McCabe at Eat the Crust Recordings.

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Thanks so much for listening, we enjoyed making this more than anything else in the world.



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Schroeder Baltimore, Maryland

This is the reason that we will never die!

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Track Name: Schroeder - I Wanna Be Michael Cera
My life has become an unfunny, slow moving Michael Cera movie
Nobody expects you to love what you don't even see
But I and I surrounded, by love from friends and what not
I feel lonely whenever I'm around them, recently I miss them a lot

So call me up
And we'll have nothing to do
I'm sitting at home thinking about how I
Never spend any time with you

And I'm thinking
That you're perfect
And I'm wondering
If I'm smart
Track Name: Schroeder - Helen, Why Do You Make Such Wide Turns?
They say home is where the heart is
But i find it harder
Than ever before
To place my heart on something
That died halfway
Out the door
I never wanna hear or speak
The words she injected
In my head
These are the angry impatient statements
Only realized when they
Aren't said

There are things
That could have been done
Well I'm sorry
I'm the one
Not having
Any fun
Track Name: Schroeder - When You Go Away
The funniest thing I heard you say
Is nothing takes the pain away
So you sit back relax and chat about
The stupidest shit that I don't care about
The only time that you're happy
Is when you're getting shitfaced in your room with your friends
Well they don't really love you
And neither do I

But when you go away in the summer
The anxiety will fuel my dumb stupid actions
Which are a way to filter my emotions
Of jealousy and hatred for everything, even my friends

I'm worried that absence will shatter
All these feelings instead making our hearts grow fonder
Well the thought of it is taking its toll
On my sleepless night