Like a Bell

by Schroeder

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released March 17, 2017

Lane Kennedy- vocals, guitar
Robert Chappell- bass
James Callahan- guitar
Alex Armbruster- drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Doug Bartholomew.
Album art by Skyler Barksdale.



all rights reserved


Schroeder Baltimore, Maryland

This is the reason that we will never die!

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Track Name: Westerny
nobody bothered to check if my car was even in the driveway. its something you half expect kinda like crying on your birthday. all we do is talk. dont you think its kinda weird? people say its nice but i dont really like it here. i could break my phone into a million little pieces so that nobody would know how i spend my time on the weekends. bullshit excuse, thats how i really know its you. copping out thats fine. i never really wanted to.

dont waste my time or ill waste you. i dont know what you thought this was but im not giving rides home to your friends. i could speak my mind or I could just hold it all in. i dont wanna hold my tongue. you just hold me down.
Track Name: Like a Leaky Faucet
your face looks restless. its making me nervous. the plan was pretty smart but structurally unsound. like a leaky faucet, you cant ignore it; the words keep dripping out and theyll never stop. i cant relax and i dont want to. i made this bed so i guess ill lie in it too. shadow of a lover, where do i go from here? i made this bed so that i could sleep next to you.

i wont take it and you cant make me. i medicate on my own. inhale deep and dont forget to choke. i cant take it these off white days if i cant take you home. ive got a secret you already know. i cant take it and i cant take it and i cant take it and i cant take it kill me cause i know we’re both in love.
Track Name: Curse
im climbing over walls just to see whats new. i tore out all my hair just to give it to you. i dont have the guts to say this now so ill push it back town till i choke on the truth. waking up at all is a fucking chore when happy is a luxury that you cant afford. baby, im under my own curse. however fucked you feel man ive got it worse.

say i wanna know. say i want. do you know how it feels to be alone? do you know how it feels to lose a home? do you wanna be my curse? do you wanna be my ?
Track Name: Rock and Roll Death Dream
i told you i have to go. i dont like to say things twice. oh i know something you dont know. happiness, it tolls like a bell. strangers make me nervous but not as bad as you. oh i know something you dont know. it shows. the things i love are killing me. now this is my rock and roll death dream.